Aesthetics and Politics (some thoughts on art insitutions)

I wanted to raise a few points that I’m concerned about in terms of artist’s relationships to institutions and funding that I found difficult to find space for in the CVAN meeting as it was concerned with how to represent content and identities more than the bigger question about the function of art itself. It has become increasingly the case that art funding has been shaped in a way to fill a gap in the need to address social political issues that often seem to be preaching to the converted.

paper folding

paper folding

Struggling to try and describe in type and images how to fold a geometric form to someone faraway. If just one fold is turned the wrong way - a mountain fold instead of a valley fold, the strucutre will fail - until that one fold conforms. You also have to build it all at once working over it backwards forwards in a non-linear way. So much like a metaphor for social structures ...every action requires working holisitcally.


An Article by Elizabeth Fullerton in Elephant

So rarely has a critic spoken to me directly about a work of mine they then write about, with exceptions, such as Charlie Fox, Tom Morton and Elizabeth Fullerton. Often the reviewer/critic has never seen another work of mine. My works have often been outside of London or the UK and often have very low capacity for viewers/visitors because of the structures I build (hence audiences are small).

Flying Saucers

Keith has become a specialist in UFO since lockdown and we have accrued a huge amount of books on the subject. Strange how the aliens seem to need to arrive in a vehicle and often have a face with two arms and two legs. We may have strong hallucinatory tendencies but we lack imagination when it comes to other forms of what might be considered to be existence. Just reading  Jung on the subject ...this is for the work in Sharjah in a 'Flying Saucer' Googie Architecture building. There was a UFO sighting in UAE in 1978 reported in the local papers.