Author: Seers/Sargent/Dhonau/Maes/Penwill/Royale

Publication Date: 2014

Publisher: immprint

ISBN: 978-1-903781-66-3

Book Jacket:

" The work of Lindsay Seers cannot be understood or enjoyed in any manner other than being present, one's physical presence is obligatory, as no photograph, no video, no clip nor description can convey its effect or intention. It is in no way reproducible and thus remains a sacrosanct experience, a personal engagement, in an age in which most artists' oeuvre can be clicked through on a website."

–Adrian Dannet.

"First a suggestion: read this book only AFTER seeing the installation. However exhibitions are necessarily limited in duration and the artist does not, as a rule, permit videos of her work to be published. Hence the purpose in my attempt at a summary of the indescribable."

–M Anthony Penwill