I was just reading another biography of LF in which it states that Snow White was her inspiration to become a dancer:

Then, like one of those signpost moments that define Riefenstahl’s life and career, she visited the theatre for a presentation of the ballet "Snow White". From that moment on, and without question, she knew that she was to become a dancer. Along with the theatre, her hobbies as a child were to read Fairy Tales …


So not only did Snow White forge LF's career as a dancer and eventually a film maker but she was chosen over the Disney film Snow White for the award of best foreign film in the Venice Biennale in 1938 with Olympia. Then perhaps also Hitler painted her a little present of Bashful and the other dwarves – he was after all so very fond of her …warms the heart.

I am almost sure both her and the Fuehrer would have been in support of the real ending to Snow White whereby she forces her step-mother into burning hot iron shoes in which she must dance until she drops dead.