“To experience Seers’ work is to experience snapshots, rumours, doubtful information – fascinating fragments that refuse to add up to a neat, narratively satisfying whole. To experience one’s memory of her work is something else entirely. Recall Extramission 6 on a Monday morning, and it’s a story of childhood and exile. Recall it on a Tuesday night, and it’s a meditation on Platonic optics and 19th-century methods of indexing and surveillance. Memory does its work, generating different readings, different histories, and different shapes for the viewer’s future self to adopt.”

— Tom Morton (Frieze 2009)

 …What constitutes the artistic practice of Lindsay Seers is not mere storytelling, but a matrix where there is no formal separation between the conceptual investigation of the act of photography, the camera as apparatus, the common desire for film and photography to act as evidence of events, and the complex historical and personal synchronicities of events themselves. What we are witnessing is not so much a detached systematic outline of these relationships, but the actual unfolding of a creative process, where the act of observation and understanding influences the outcome of events themselves.

Through Seers’ photographic explorations the past is constantly reconfigured, as if it contains an infinite virtual potential for different outcomes, which are all already embedded in one another. Instead of providing a neutral platform for the viewer in the gallery her installations place the film imagery within structures most appropriate to the narrative constructs. These structures are both factual (referring to specific architectures) and theatrical, thereby embodying the dual aspect of evidence and artefact. It is impossible for the viewer to enter this emotional landscape without making their own identifications and associations, without being an implicated participant within the unfolding of history, its apparatuses and institutions as well as its human narratives. The personal and the collective are all but different features of the monstrous unfolding of the virtual event, a spectacle with no singular platform of observation. Her persistant themes of hallucination, schizophrenia, biological chimerism, gender politics and the legacy of colonialism are formed through biography as a framework for larger social, political narratives and in which human consciousness seems to be the fundamental sticking point for humankind to effectively evolve.

Ole Hagen Alter Modern (Tate Publication)

Short Biography

Lindsay Seers lives on the Isle of Sheppey with Keith Sargent and Milo.

Our works seek out complexity and innovations both in their forms and methods and are shaped by fragmented and layered narratives interweaving staged and natural speech. Diagnosed with autism (Seers) the works reflect a possible neurodivergent aesthetic related to excess.

Our principle concern is the nature of conciousness itself and how it shapes human life. The stories we tell ourselves are not truths as such but frameworks to justify our actions. Those actions (if Libet is correct) come before thought.

Our works are energetic in and of themselves and not proxies. Shaped by social, political imperatives in content, they often take the form of mulitfacted installations which play off the actual against the virtual.

We have shown large scale works internationally in museums and art centres including SMK (National Gallery of Denmark); Venice Biennale 2015; Hayward Gallery, UK; MONA, Tasmania; Bonniers Konsthall, Sweden; Smart Project Space, Amsterdam; Kiasma, Finland; Turner Contemporary, UK; Tate Triennial, UK; TPW, Canada; Sami Centre for Art, Norway; Centre for Contemporary Art Poland; Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, UK; Sharjah Art Foundation (The Flying Saucer), UAE; Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan; E-Werk, Luckenwalde/Berlin, Germany.

Our works are in a number of collections including Tate collection, Arts Council collection, Artangel collection, collection of MONA, Tasmania, The Government Art collection, MTA Collection, Lebanon and a number of private collections in Amsterdam, Norway, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Paraguay, and Mauritius.

We have won several prestigious grants and awards such as the Sharjah Art Foundation Production Award, UAE; Le Jeu de Paume production award, France; the Paul Hamlyn Award; the Derek Jarman Award; AHRC Award; a number of Wellcome Trust Awards and Arts Council and British Council Awards in support of the works and Seers also received the Wingate Scholarship from The British School at Rome 2007/8.


Selected Exhibitions:

Cold Light, Matt’s Gallery, UK 2022, (solo); Every Thought There Ever Was, UK 2018, (solo); MAC Belfast, UK 2018 (solo), Focal Point Gallery, 2019, (solo); Hospitalfield House, UK 2019 (solo); A Woman’s Place, Knole, UK 2018 Suffering, MONA, Tasmania 2017 (solo); Seeing Round Corners, Turner Contemporary, UK, 2016; Objects Do Things, (Centre of Contemporary Art, Poland 2016);Stories in the Dark (Whitstable Biennale, UK , 2016); Doug Fishbone’s Leisure Land Golf, (Venice Biennale 2015); Reads Like a Book The Book Lovers (Cricoteka, Poland, 2015 solo); Mirrorcity (Hayward Gallery, London, 2014); The Red Queen (MONA, Tasmania, Australia 2013); Toulouse International Art Festival (Hotel-Dieu,Toulouse, France, 2013); Entangled2 Theatre II (Matt’s Gallery London 2013 solo); Monocular4 (Quad, Derby, UK 2013 solo); Nowhere Less Now (Artangel commission, Tin Tabernacle, Kilburn, London, 2012); Entangled2 (Turner Contemporary, Margate, UK 2012); Extramission 6 (Gallery TPW, Toronto, 2011); Einladung zur Ausstellung (Kunstverein Freiburg, Germany 2012); A Trip to the Moon, (Bonniers Konsthall, Sweden 2012); Monodrome, Athens Biennale, (Greece 2011); Lofoten International Art Festival, (Norway, 2011); Dis-covery (Salamanca Art Centre, Tasmania, 2011); The Collection (Rugby Art Gallery, 2011); Steps into the Arcane (Kunstmuseum Thurgau, Switzerland 2011); It has to be this way² (National Gallery of Denmark, 2010, solo (SMK), Mead Gallery, Warwick, 2010 and BALTIC, Gateshead, 2011); Broadcast commission 3 minute wonder series, Channel 4 (27,28,29,30 Sept 2010 and October 2010); It has to be this way 1.5 (Aspex gallery Portsmouth, 2010 solo); Persistence of Vision (FACT, Liverpool, 2010 and Nikolaj Art Centre Copenhagen 2010-2011 solo); It has to be this way, (Matts Gallery, 2009 solo); Altermodern, 4th Tate Triennial, (Tate Britain, 2009); Event Horizon, (Royal Academy of Art, 2008); Swallowing Black Maria, (Smart Project Space, Amsterdam 2007 solo); CinemArt, (The Auditorium, Rome, 2007); Foreign Bodies, (White Box, New York, 2007); The Believers, (touring show in Norway with performances, Stavanger, Førde and Bergen, 2007).The truth was always there, (The Collection, Lincoln, 2006 solo); I can’t tell you, (Grundy Gallery, Blackpool, 2006 solo); Don’t look through me, (City Gallery, Leicester, 2006 solo); Eyes of Others, (Gallery of Photography, Dublin, 2005); I saw the light, (Gasworks Gallery, London, 2005).


1999-2001  MA Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, University of London
1991-1995  BA Hons Fine Art, The Slade School of Fine Art, University College London

22.10.22 Cold Light³ Turner Contemporary UK
05-11-22 Entangled³, Theatre IV, MOCA Taipei, Taiwan
17.09.22 Cold Light² E-Werk, Luckenwald, Germany
29.04.22 Cold Light, Matt’s Gallery, UK (solo show with Keith Sargent)
08.02.2020 Every thought there ever was2  John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, UK (solo show with Keith Sargent)
15.01.2020 Care(less) Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK (solo show)
24.10.2019 Care(less) Cobb Hall Lincoln Castle, Frequency Festival, Lincoln [Wellcome commission]
l05.10.2019 Care(less), Fabrica, Brighton, UK [Wellcome commission] (solo show)
13.10.2019 Every thought there ever was, Court House Arbroath (with Hospialfield House) [Wellcome commission] (solo show)
23.01.2019 Vanishing Twin (Tetragametic Chimerism), Fotogalleriet,Oslo, Norway [commissioned solo show]
08.09. 2018 Every thought there ever was, Focal Point Gallery, Southend, UK [Wellcome commissioned solo show]
13.07.2018 Fleeting Exits, Sursock Museum, Beirut, Lebanon
07.06.2018 In my shoes (Arts Council Touring Exhibition) Attenborough Art Centre, Leicester, UK
17.05.2018 A Woman’s Place, Knole, Seven Oaks, UK [commission]
04.05.2018 Every thought there ever was, MAC, Belfast, UK [Wellcome commission]
15.05.2018 Film London Jarman Award, A Journey Through the First Decade, Whitechapel Gallery, London
06.2017 Suffering², MONA, Tasmania (solo show)
04.2017 The World Made New, PiArts, London [commissioned]
03.2017 Casebooks, Ambika P3, London [commission]
10.2016 Suffering, Queenstown, Tasmania [commission]
10.2016 Nowhere Less Now, Glynn Vivian Gallery, Swansea, Wales, UK [commissioned solo show]
07.2016 Leisure Land Golf, Quad, Derby, UK
06.2016 Seeing Round Corners, Turner Contemporary UK
04.2016 Leisure Land Golf, New Art Exchange, Nottingham, UK
02.2016  Objects Do Things, Ujazdowsky Castle, Centre for Contemporary Art, Poland
03.2016  Stories in the Dark, The Beaney, Whitstable Biennale, UK
05.2015  Leisure Land Golf, Venice Biennale (EM15 commission)
01.2015  Reads Like a Book, Cricoteka, Kraków, Poland (solo show)
09.2014  Mirrorcity, Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre, London [new work]
10.2014  Top of the World, Sami Centre for Contemporary Art, Karasjok, Norway
01.2014  For The Record, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, UK
09.2013  Entangled², (Theatre II), Matt’s Gallery, London (solo show)
09.2013  Monocular⁴, Quad, Derby [commission]
08.2013  Narrative Structures, Stryx, Birmingham, UK
06.2013  Nowhere Less Now², (Red Queen) MONA, Tasmania, Australia [commission]
05.2013  A’ Comes First, Toulouse International Art Festival, France [commission]
01.2013  The Book Lovers, EFA Project Space, New York, USA
11.2012  The Book Lovers, MHKA, Antwerp, Begium
11.2012  Reality Bites, Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland
09.2012  Nowhere Less Now, Tin Tabernacle, Kilburn, London [Artangel commission solo show]
07.2012  Entangled², Turner Contemporary, Margate [commission]
06.2012  Focal Points: Art and Photography, Manchester Art Gallery, UK
05.2012  Møte (Meeting), Galleri Festiviteten, Norway
03.2012  Ich is ein Anderer, Kunstverein Freiburg, Germany
02.2012  A Trip to the Moon, Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden
11.2011  Monodrome, Athens Biennale, Greece
11.2011  Beyond Deception, Erik Steen Gallery, Oslo, Norway
08.2011  Something In The Way, Lofoten International Art Festival, Norway
07.2011  Outrageous Fortunes, Focal Point Gallery, Southend, UK
03.2011  Extramission 6, TPW Gallery, Toronto [as part of Images Festival solo show]
03.2011  Dis-covery, Salamanca Art Centre, Tasmania
03.2011 The Collection, Rugby Art Gallery, inaugural exhibition of CAS and V&A purchase for the collection
03.2011  Just Photography, Ancient and Modern at Martos Gallery, New York, USA
02.2011  It has to be this way², BALTIC, Gateshead (solo show)
11.2010  Persistence of Vision, Kunsthallen Nikolaj, Copenhagen, Denmark
10.2010  It has to be this way², Mead Gallery, Warwick (solo show)
10.2010 It has to be this way1.5, Aspex Gallery, Porstmouth (solo show)
09. 2010  3 minute wonder series, Broadcast commission, Channel 4 (27,28,29,30 Sept; 18, 19, 20, 21 Oct)
06.2010  Persistence of Vision, FACT, Liverpool, UK
05.2010  Steps into the arcane, Kunstmuseum Thurgau, Switzerland
05.2010  It has to be this way², National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen [commissioned solo show]
03.2010  Hands on, (curated by John Hilliard) Galerie Raum Mit Licht, Vienna, Austria
02.2010  Depatterrn, Galleri Erik Steen, Oslo, Norway
10.2009  Performance, Film Weekend: The Jarman Award at KunstHalle, Zurich, Switzerland
09.2009  Performance, Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK06.2009  Mostravideo, Itau Cultural Institute, Sao Paulo, Brazil
02.2009  Altermodern, Fourth Tate Triennial, Tate Britain, UK
01.2009  It has to be this way, Matt’s Gallery, London [commissiond solo show]
12.2008  Performance, Event Horizon, Royal Academy of Art [commissioned solo show]
06.2008  Performance, Happy Hand, British Film Institute, London, UK
10.2007  Cinemart, The Auditorium, Rome, Italy
09.2007  Foreign Bodies, White Box, New York, USA
07.2007  Swallowing Black Maria, Smart Project Space, Amsterdam [commissioned solo show]
02.2007  The Believers, Touring show to five cities in Norway, with performances in Stavanger, Forde and Bergen
09.2006  The truth was always there, The Collection, Lincoln [commissioned solo show]
07.2006  UBS Opening, Tate Modern (with Laurie Simmons, Guerilla Girls etc), UK
05.2006  Performance, Human Camera, Mali Salon, Rijeka, Croatia (solo show)
05.2006  I can’t tell you, Grundy Gallery, Blackpool [commissioned solo show]
04.2006  Metropolis Rise, CQL Design Centre, Shanghai; DIAF 2006 @798 Space, Beijing, China
04.2006  Performance, Inside, Great Eastern Hotel, Masonic Temple, London, UK (with Tai Shani and Aura Satz)
03.2006  Performance, Don’t Look Through Me, Y Theatre, Leicester, UK
03.2006  Don’t look through me, City Gallery Leicester [commissioned solo show]
03.2006  Performance, Screening at Witte de With/Tent, Rotterdam, Holland
03.2006  John Skies or Sally Swims, UKS Gallery, Oslo, Norway
02.2006  Wandering Rocks, Gimpel Fils Gallery, London
11.2005  Image in Me, Market Gallery, Glasgow (solo show)
10.2005  Eyes of Others, Gallery of Photography, Dublin [commissioned solo show]
10.2005  Wunderkammer, The Collection (curated by Edward Allington), Lincoln, UK
09.2005  I saw the light, Gasworks Gallery, London [commissioned solo show]
09.2004  Adam, Smart Projects, Amsterdam, Holland
11.2004  Mind the Gap, La Friche, Triangle, Marseille, France
08.2004  Shattered Love, Keith Talent Gallery, London
04.2004  Eating at Another’s Table, Metropole Galleries, Folkestone (performance/exhibition)
04.2004  Tonight, Studio Voltaire, London (curated by Paul O’Neill)
03.2004  Performance, A Variety Night of Ventriloquism, FACT, Liverpool (with Ken Campbell, Aura Satz, Andrew Hubbard)
03.2004  Mesmer, Temporarycontemporary, London
02.2004  Haunted Media, Site Gallery, Sheffield (with Susan Hiller, Susan Collins, Scanner, Thompson/Craighead, S Mark Gubb)
09.2003  The Physical World, APT, London, (with Ian Dawson, Katie Pratt)
09.2003  Sphere, Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver, Canada (Paul McCarthy, Bruce Nauman, Laurie Simmons and AllanMcCollum)
09.2003  You said that without moving your lips, Limerick City Gallery, Ireland (solo show)
08.2003  Calidoscopio, Museo del Barro, Asuncion, Paraguay (solo show)
04.2003  A Taste for Sham, Studio 1.1, London (with Jo Bruton, Kirsten Glass)
01.2003  The Lost Collection of an Invisible Man, The Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle (curated by Brian Griffiths)
09.2002  History Revision, Plymouth Arts Centre (including Terry Atkinson)
06.2002  Nausea: encounters with ugliness, London Print Studio
04.2002  Dramatic Events, Kent Institute of Art and Design
03.2002  Photoscoptocus, Camden Lock/ Henley-on-Thames (Public commission)
03.2002  Nausea, Djangoly Art Centre (with Dave Burrows, Beagles and Ramsay, Margarita Gluzberg, Mark Hutchinson)
08.2001  Trinity College, Zwemmer Gallery, London
05.2001  Black Bag, Old Operating Theatre Museum (+ monograph BBC programme, ‘Lindsay Seers, Artist’s Eye’, Rory Logsdail)
03.2001  For the dead travel fast, Worcester City Museum and Art Gallery [commissioned solo show]
02.2001  Molotov, Dilston Grove Gallery, London (with Kirsten Glass, Diann Bauer, Annie Whiles, Helen Paterson, Lisa Fielding Smith)
09.2000  Tow, Camden Lock, Millennium Commission Project (with Tim Head, Diana Edmunds, Janice Howard, Zoe Brown)
10.2000  Assembly, Stepney City, London
07.2000  A Shot In The Head, Lisson Gallery, London
07.2000  Unfound, Chisenhale Gallery, London
06.2000  City Projects, Artomatic, London (with Jemima Brown, Marcel Price)
05.2000  The Double, The Lowry Centre, Salford (with Thomas Ruff, James Reilly and Alice Maher)
05.2000  On the rock, APT Gallery, London (with Annie Whiles, Diann Bauer, Kirsten Glass, Helen Paterson)
09.1999  Nerve, ICA, London (with Jeremy Deller, Martin Creed, Dave Beech, John Isaacs, John Beagles, Dave Burrows, Clive Sall)
07.1999  Quotidian, Paper Bag Factory (curated by Julia Lancaster)
06.1999 Autocannibal, Laure Genillard Gallery, London (solo show)
04.1999  Cabin Fever, Gallery Herold Bremen, Germany, (with Caroline Macarthy and Mairead Maclean)
10.1998  Multiples, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin
09.1998  Cannibal, Old Museum Art Centre, Belfast (solo show)
08.1997  Knock, Knock, Artists Work Programme, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin
11.1996  Stick Your Hands Up, Acorn Storage, Hammersmith, London
10.1996  Ghost, ACAVA Open Studios, Denmark St, London
09.1996  Ad Hoc, London Artforms. Curated by Phyllida Barlow. (with Eric Bainbridge, Leila Galloway, Stephen Johnson)

Residencies, Awards, Commissions

2016 A major award from Wellcome Trust for a new work in 2018
2013 Le Jeu de Paume production award for the Toulouse Festival, France
2012 Sharjah Artist’s Production Award
2010 Paul Hamlyn Awards for Artists
2010 Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts for a residency in Tasmania
2009 Winner of Film London & Channel 4’s Jarman Award (+ broadcast commission for Channel 4’s, 3 Minute Wonder strand)
2009 Arts Council Individual Artist Award
2007 Wingate Scholarship at British Academy /British School at Rome
2007 British Council Award for new work
2006 AHRC Research Leave Award
2006 Arts Council National Touring Award
2005 British Council Award
2005 Arts Council Individual Artist Award
2004 Triangle International Artists Workshop, Mauritius
2003 Arts Council and Triangle Trust funded residency in Paraguay
1999 Arte Viva, residency and exhibition, Senigallia, Italy
1998 Beach Life, Public Art Project, supported by Islington Council
1997-2001 Residency with Acme Studios, The Old Fire Station, London
1997 Residency at The Irish Museum of Modern Art
1995 First Base Studio Award (One year studio residency at ACAVA)
1995 Ray Finnis Award (Slade)
1993 Slade Prize (Pankerd Jones Memorial Prize)

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Tate Collection; UK Arts Council Collection; Rugby Art Gallery Collection (CAS); Artangel Collection; MONA collection; Marwan. T. Assaf Collection; Museo del Barro Collection, Asuncion, Paraguay.


External Examiner to Brighton University Fine Art, BA level (January 2012 – 2015)
External Examiner to Slade School of Fine Art, Postgraduate level (January 2010– July 2012)
External Examiner to Plymouth University MA (January 2009 – December 2012)
External Examiner to Piet Zwart Institute (January 2009 – December 2010)


April 2022 PhD supervisor Glasgow School of Art Sarah Forest
October 2013 – 2017 Main Supervisor on Norwegian Artist Research Programme
October 2002 –2022 0.2 lecturer Goldsmith’s University Postgraduate Fine Art
October 2011 – November 2012 Guest Postgraduate (MA/PhD) Professor, Angewandte Kunst, Vienna, Austria
September 2005 – July 2006 0.5 lecturer Slade School of Fine Art Postgraduate (MA) Sculpture
September 2004- July 2005 0.2 visiting lecturer Fine Art Derby University BA/MA
September 2002 – 2006 Visiting lecturer Royal Academy Schools Postgraduate Fine Art
September 1999 – July 2005 Visiting lecturer in BA Fine Art, Nottingham Trent
September 1998 – July 2006 0.5 Senior lecturer in BA/MA Fine Art, De Montfort University
September 1996– April 1997 0.5 lecturer Slade School of BA Fine Art

Selected Lectures

Camden Arts Centre, London

Kunstakademiet, Denmark

Bergen National Academy of Arts, Norway

The Royal Institute of Art KKH, Sweden

Royal College of Art, London

Art Forum, Hobart, Tasmania,

Camberwell School of Art, London

Gallery TPW, Toronto, Canada

BCU, Birmingham

Nottingham Trent University

Quad, Derby

White Box, New York

Glasgow School of Art, Scotland

Wimbledon School of Art, London

Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead

ICA, London

Grundy Gallery, Blackpool,

London College of Communication, University of the Arts

Kingston University

Slade School of Fine Art

Mead Gallery, Coventry

Goldsmith’s University, University of London

Royal Academy of Arts, London

Sheffield University

Nottingham Trent University

Museo del Barro, Asuncion, Paraguay

Sursock Museum, Beirut

University of Tasmania

Toulouse International Festival, France

Leicester City Gallery, UK

The Grundy, Blackpool