Cold Light Matt’s Gallery

Author: Ben Luke

Publication: Evening Standard

Press Date: 04 May 2022

Bolt from the Blue

Author: Anna Souter

Publication: Burlington Contemporary Art

Press Date: 9th April 2021


Author: Norman Miller

Publication: Guardian

Press Date: January 2020

Every Thought There Ever Was

Author: Elizabeth Fullerton

Publication: Art in America

Press Date: November 2019

Vanishing Twin (Tetragametic Chimerism)/Seeing Double

Author: Zofia Cielatkowska

Publication: Kunstritikk Nordic Art

Press Date: 14.02.19

Every Thought There Ever Was

Author: Jamie Sutcliffe

Publication: Art Monthly

Press Date: October 2018

A Woman’s Place

Author: Gilda Williiams

Publication: Art Monthly

Press Date: September 2018

Casebooks (Mental Metal)

Author: Mary Halton

Publication: New Scientist

Press Date: 7th April 2017

Case Books (Mental Metal) Is it all in the stars?

Author: Helen and Bill Bynum

Publication: The Lancet

Press Date: 15th April 2017

The Unconformity

Author: Andrew Harper

Publication: Artlink

Press Date: October 2016

Nowhere Less Now, Memories are made of this

Author: Charlie Fox

Publication: Sight and Sound

Press Date: April 2015

The Fantastical World of Lindsay Seers

Author: Elizabeth Fullerton

Publication: Art News

Press Date: 2014

Digital Realities, Mirror City

Author: Chloe Hodge

Publication: Aesthetica

Press Date: October 2014

Three Artists from Mirror City

Author: Phil Harris

Publication: Artvehicle Issue 67

Press Date: October 2014

Two differently coloured eyes (Having the last word)

Author: Alison Green

Publication: Source, The Photographic Review

Press Date: Summer 2014

Lindsay Seers: Monocular⁴

Author: Robert Clark & Skye Sherwin

Publication: The Guardian

Press Date: 21 December 2013

Lindsay Seers: Entangled² (Theatre II)

Author: Charmian Griffin

Publication: Time Out

Press Date: 24 October 2013

Lindsay Seers: Nowhere Less Now, The Tin Tabernacle NW6

Author: Ben Luke

Publication: London Evening Standard

Press Date: 20 Sep 2012

Lindsay Seers: Nowhere Less Now, The Tin Tabernacle, London

Author: Richard Cork

Publication: Financial Times

Press Date: September 10, 2012

Lindsay Seers, Nowhere Less Now, Tin Tabernacle, Kilburn, London

Author: Laura McLean-Ferris

Publication: The Independent

Press Date: 4 Sep 2012