29th March 2017

Dear (aka) Oliver Olson, we have met through a Klein Jar. I couldn't help but use the object quasi erotically in my film. I am surprised to find at the screening last night a person who owns such a thing. Perhaps you forsaw it? But then I only decided to show the film one minute before doing it.
I like your comments on the Devil's arsehole today and the history of the anus in art. I wonder if the devil, if indeed as you queried if he or she does excrete, he/she does it through an infinite surface. That seems to make sense?
I await your reply with anticipation. Just an image will do…?
most sincerely
L P Seers


29th March 2017

Dear Lindsay,

That's brilliant! Been researching more about the devil, and he seems to be a sort of patron god of the arts. In Blake's marriage of heaven and hell, matetial and desire can not be separated from the devine cosmos. The devil is a creative force, much like in Nietzsche's work of the anti-christ and zarathusta. Only a chaos inside may give birth to a dancing star, as he puts it.

Thank you so much for your suggestion of topic! Already in research. There seems to be a long tradition for gods needing food. Numbers 28-2 " Command the children of Israel, and say unto them, My offering, and my bread for my sacrifices made by fire, for †a sweet savour unto me, shall ye observe to offer unto me in their due season." Two times a day he needed food. Lamb seems to be a favorite, and some fancy bread with oil. There seems to be many myth saying that gods created humans so they would make them food/offerings, so they might stay alive in their fleshly bodies.


Apparently, this is an unholy kiss. Witches greet the devil this way. Seems to be consensual.

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 Arguably the First depiction of Satan. He appears as a blue angel to the right. From 6th century. Basilica di Sant'Apollinare Nuovo
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Oh, the Devil got its horns quite fast. Some weekend entertainment:



2nd April 1017

Dear O.O, it was the connection to Nina's work from the past about an object of John Dee's (where some viewers at her exhibition had referred to her obsidian mirror as 'the devils arsehole'). Since then his arsehole has come up a few times and I feel the devil is currently following me around. I made these drawings for you on the topic but can't help also thinking how often trump's mouth looks like an anus. I think many have seen that? I have attempted to make his mouth his anus to with a Klein Jar connection. I was thinking of the monocular all seeing eye put to other uses.
But it is the role of the devil that is most interesting probably?
Mila has also metioned this in relationship to his depiction in Tarot.
Quite a few of us seem to share rocks, and the devil?

2nd April 2017

Dear OO, I just sent this messenger text below also to Mila, which a composer sent to me. I wanted to see what you make of it …Does interest you in turning to music – mentions the devil's music?

"With music pre Bach there was a numerical problem of temperament – hence the solution of the eighteenth centaury in "equal temperament" – which to ears at the time was a horrid caterwauling. It avoided the dreaded Pythagorean Comma' or incommensurate ratio – which ruined Pythagoras’s notion of perfection in musical mathematics and which he forbade his followers from mentioning. One of the popes banned the interval of the Tritone in church music – calling it the devil in music. Bach's well tempered clavier being a pioneering demonstration of equal temperament – of its fluidity and completeness. You cannot study 20th Centuary music without the overt number obsessions of the Dodecaphonists – on top of which, with Alban Berg you have an additional layer of personal numerology – an obsession with the number 23 and the triad of the Second Viennese school. In the post war world you have the total serialists who gradated every aspect of performance and serialised each of them – Boulez and early Stockhausen. Utterly fascinating if impenetrable. An internal structure that is inaudible in any sense and led to such a crisis in music – resulting in Minimalism. Which is oddly as number obsessed as serialism. I'll tell you about my own number hierarchies that govern the ordering of my music – another time…"


17th April 2017

A list of words

The historical loss of the anus in art

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