29th March 2017
Dear Mila,
just now I had decided I needed to leave the room for a few moments due to cabin fever and found you with packs of tarot cards in your hands.
That your song lyrics of last night’s event were taken from a YouTube tarot reading is great but also brilliant as I think we can start a connection of exchange from this association.
I had incidentally picked up a copy of a book by Crowley from my books shelf just before I left for Norway – The Book of Lies, such a great title. I guess because my way to Crowley was through Henri Bergson’s sister and that has shaped how I think of him – but your idea of his relationship to the full spectrum of the human psyche does seem relevant.
It was good to lay out the Crowley cards for you. I didn’t forsee that coming when I awoke this morning…
I had pulled a single card from the other small deck of yours and got THE THIEF. I wonder about that. There is a thief in me. I wondered if that was my role here – more a fear that that is my intention. I want to focus on the gift rather than stealing! I will keep an eye on that.
As I left you you mentioned numerology – can we turn to that? I am sending a chart from my film of last night to you – from John Dee.
Send me an image or a number!
L x


29th March 2017

Dear Lindsay

Beautiful – intriguing coded image! John Dee, besides the venue in oslo, is fairly unknown to me – will research! in regards to numerology/other name mentioned – it's Pythagoras – who is the founder of the belief structure of numbers. for the image/number response to the chart sent – i send an "8" – and Pythagoras' Tetraktys – both happily included here:

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30th March 2017

Dear Mila, I was looking at the paintings of Leo Kelly, he numbered them all. 8 did not yield so well as 23. A number you mentioned as we entered the house last night – our housing block number.
I am working now with his painting 23. Freud's number for a cycle (23 or 27).


1st April 2017

Mila Posted

A Forest's Ear & the Stone of Dada

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2nd April 2017

Dear Mila, I am looking forward to working with you on sound/playing with sound. The wooden ear seems an appropriate sign to get on to it! As I said to you yesterday at the skate park the man in the hairdressers had a symbol on his shirt – I was pretty sure it was going to be something like 'the devil' and that proved to be right. This demonic side of music in Norway has had a lot of attention – I see the gothic cliche on posters around the city. I wonder what you think of it?

(My recent claim to turn to happiness for a work so quickly evaporates as I start to think of dark metal!)


I am also interested in these ideas by a great composer who wrote to me recently (although I do not understand them), I particularly noted the fact of Pythagorus – as you have mentioned him and also 23!


"With music pre Bach there was a numerical problem of temperament – hence the solution of the eighteenth centaury in "equal temperament" – which to ears at the time was a horrid caterwauling. It avoided the dreaded Pythagorean Comma' or incommensurate ratio – which ruined Pythagoras’s notion of perfection in musical mathematics and which he forbade his followers from mentioning. One of the popes banned the interval of the Tritone in church music – calling it the devil in music. Bach's well tempered clavier being a pioneering demonstration of equal temperament – of its fluidity and completeness. You cannot study 20th Centuary music without the overt number obsessions of the Dodecaphonists – on top of which, with Alban Berg you have an additional layer of personal numerology – an obsession with the number 23 and the Triad of the Second Viennese school. In the post war world you have the total serialists who gradated every aspect of performance and serialised each of them – Boulez and Early Stockhausen. Utterly fascinating if impenetrable. An internal structure that is inaudible in any sense and led to such a crisis in music -resulting in Minimalism. Oddly as number obsessed as serialism. I'll tell you about my own Number hierarchies that govern the ordering of my music – another time…"


Tell me what you make of this?

L x

17th April 2017

Some references from our FB page:

23second film by Mila:

Mila Katteklinikk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvZCVVNSEOs

Viriginia Wolf (a response to Nina R)

Mila Katteklinikk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8czs8v6PuI