There are four things  fluttering in my head this morning, 

1. A memory of a video I saw yesterday on Sheppey FB  Gossip Board of a gathering just beginning which culminated in the stabbing of two black boys at a beach rave in Leysdown on Sheppey (the gathering was instigated on FB as a three day event)… no social distancing, The Gossip Board claims the majority travelled from London (no verification). Later a helicopter landed on the beach to get the boys to hospital. This also makes me see that  pulling back from FB is necessary for me – but it has been useful to go into different bubbles, which the local The Gossip Board epitomises.

2. The notion of thoughtlessness in Hannah Arendt in relation to Eichmann, a word that seems so slight but was behind her controversial comment on the banality of evil. I am finding this word thoughtlessness has profound implications.

3. A random connection to Madonna's book "sex" and the post feminist debate that it was meant to stand for. (I guess this relates to me reworking my work for "A Woman's Place) and wondering about how that book sits in our times now – it claims to celebrate sex but it revels in the image of sex) or performance of sex for the camera ?

4. The implication of the Government having hacked into the entire nations phones to install an App.