Salamanca Art Centre, Tasmania

Materials: Prefabricated/portable corrugated metal and wooden structure, bell, screen and 13 minute HD projection with 5.1 surround sound.

This work housed in a portable corrugated metal structure was conceived in Queenstown in Tasmania (where Seers worked with Cath Chick and Peter Turner, with the support of Salamanca Art Centre and Raymond Arnold). Tracking her great great uncles' naval experiences in Australia, her father's role as a radio operator in the Royal Navy and her brother's attendance of the Royal Hospital Naval School, Seers' work in Tasmania is a narrative of seafaring – involving women disguising themselves as sailors and miners, a hunt for prefabricated structures shipped from Britain, and a search for a twin who had been at her brother's school. Narratives interweave and expand through a chain of events which are all linked to Seers' journey around Tasmania erecting her temporary structure in an odd and distorted echo of a colonial past, which is more truly gothic than fiction could imagine.