London Print Studio, London

Materials: Ventriloquist's dummy with electronics, negative photograph, looped VHS monitor work.

Catalogue essay: Nausea: encounters with ugliness.
Excerpt from essay: Matter Over Mind? From nausea and disgust to the sublime (and back). Author: Mark Hutchinson.

The trouble for the ego as Mark Cousins puts it, is that everything exists twice: once as an outside and again as an inside. Normally the outside, the surface, fits perfectly over the inside. We are accustomed to the outside as surface, as symbol; we are not accustomed to the sheer matter, the meanlingless stuff, of the inside. Everything is in its place, is unthreatening, when the inside of an object remains contained and concealed by the outside of an object. The trouble starts when it doesn't. When the surface of an object breaks down, when it conceptually leaks, so to speak, it threatens to rip asunder the realm of the symbolic. This breach is so traumatic for the ego that it magnifies and leaks into a flood that carries everything away.