Galleri Festiviteten, Stallgården, Norway

Materials: Prefabricated/portable corrugated metal and wooden structure, screen and 13 minute HD projection with 5.1 surround sound.

Galleri Festiviteten, Oslo, Norway

Curated by Tor Inge Kveum

Review from a previous exhibition of  Linsday Seers' Monocular:

"In Tønnefabrikken (The Barrel Factory) we also find a video installation by the English artist Lindsay Seers who tells a story where the differences between fact and fiction, biography and invention becomes ambiguous. The many narrative threads are spun around the medical phenomenon 'heterochromia' (which is a condition where the subject has two differently coloured eyes) and connects a series of alleged 'chance encounters'. The film is about many things; it is about likeness and difference, about seeing with one eye, about a person who continues life carrying parts of his unborn twin brother in the form of a differently coloured eye, about a man Seers meets in England who has a Sami father, the cod wars of the 60s and 70s and so on. It is shown in a house-like construction reminiscent of a lavvo, with reindeer skins and all. The many elements form a seductive story we never can fully grasp.