Andaz Hotel (former Great Eastern Hotel)


Materials: metal and cloth 2m D circular screen, HD projection, media player, candles, theatre light, 70 wireless headphones

Sound by Lindsay Seers, Pendle Poucher and David Dhonau, animation by Keith Sargent and Lindsay Seers, camera Tom Wright


Lindsay Seers presents a video installation with performative elements in the ceremonial setting of the Masonic Temple at Andaz London, a Grade-II listed Temple that still functions as a meeting place for a number of masonic lodges. Responding to the 105-year-old ritualistic site, Seers has focused on Aleister Crowley, an English occultist, ceremonial magician, poet, painter, novelist, and mountaineer of the early 20th Century. At the time of the inauguration of the Temple in 1912, Crowley strongly criticised the loss of esoteric origin and value of freemasonry. Set against Christianity he developed his religion Thelema, founded on masonic principles, magic and ritual explorations of consciousness through sex. Seers channels this journey, with Michael Byrne and Francesca Dale embodying principles of Thelema. Through projection, animation and sound, the installation brings together Crowley’s personas, while unannounced live performances in the temple add a visceral intensity to the space.