MONA, Hobart,Tasmania, Australia


Materials: Corrugated metal, wood, benches, sub woofer and speakers, mac mini, cables, HD projector with digital lense shift and zoom function, 40 paintings, 2 crucifixes, film and stereo sound.

This exhibition invites visitors to experience and admire the work and life of deceased Queenstown (Tasmania) resident, Leo Kelly. Displayed within a re-constructed tin-hut tabernacle, visitors watch Seers' film which is focused on Kelly. Alongside the tabernacle is an installation of Kelly’s paintings which reveals his relationship with faith, from visions of angels in the landscape near his home to portraits of the Holy Virgin Mary. As Seers relates, 'He told me he had met Mary and Jesus many times, particularly by the fountain in his garden'.

Sound with Pendle Poucher and Lindsay Seers, animation with Keith Sargent. Original structure with Peter Turner and Cath Chick.

Video playing inside of the hut