Author: M.Anthony Penwill

Publication Date: 2010

Publisher: Matt’s Gallery, London

ISBN: 978-0-907623-75-5

Jacket text:

From a tangle of manuscripts, research notes and a fateful box of photographs, artist Lindsay Seers tries to make sense of her step-sister’s strange and desperate variant of Tarot, in which photographs become a means of divination. Her search for her missing sibling takes her to the Vatican Library in Rome, where Queen Christina of Sweden's manuscripts may hold the key to Christine’s mysterious disappearance to Uppsala in Sweden. As the photographs are translated through both an excess and a lack of memory, the characters who interpret them move fluidly across interlocking histories. The photographs themselves become destabilised by their shifting context and the interpretative nuances of their users.

Christine’s fate hangs on the exegetical battle between two narrators, locked in a struggle for the truth of the photographs, but in the end it is photographic truth itself that is at stake.