Author: Ole Hagen

Publication Date: 2012

Publisher: Artangel

ISBN: 1 902201 27 2

190 Pages with 150 illustrations (black and white)

This novel by Hagen charts the journey of the installation in London of Nowhere less now from the authors (Hagen's) perspective. The long established tradition of the novel and its relationship to film was the impetus for this book. Sometimes a film is based on a novel and sometimes a novel is based on a film – this order of events seems to matter. It is not necessary to do your 'homework' and read this novel – it doesn't explain the film as such – its importance is that it did not come before of after the film it was written during the whole evolution of the work – so Hagen's writing influenced Seers and Seers' actions influenced Hagen's writing – they circumscribe each other. Ideally months or even years later the owner will pick up this free novel given with the exhibition and the work will be reactivated and reformed in the memory in a different way.