Author: Robert Clark

Publication: Guardian: The Guide

Press Date: Feb 2011

Guardian: The Guide Feb 2011 – Lindsay Seers: Gateshead.pdf

[In full] A beautiful enigma of an installation. After years of experimentally using her body as a camera, Seers has made work of rare narrative charm. Cryptically titled It Has To Be This Way², the film kicks off with and alarming sentence, "I was her mother but she was never my daughter and now she has gone missing, I can honestly say I never loved her." The setting itself is peculiar as the film is projected onto a circular screen inside a structure apparently based on a Swedish fort on the West African Gold Coast. Tales of diamond smuggling accompany the central theme of the disappearance of the artist's stepsister, as the air of poetic reverie leaves one with a distinct uncertainty as to what is fact and what is not.

Robert Clark