Author: Kjetil Røed

Publication: Aftenposten

Press Date: 10/09/2011

Aftenposten  10 September 2011.pdf (Norwegian language, translation below)

Video essay
By far the best work of the exhibition is Lindsay Seers' video installation Cyclops [Monocular]. The starting point of the work, is the story of a person who is about to lose sight in one eye, but serves as a reflection on repressed or forgotten aspects of one's life, and how these can still have an impact on someone who seems to have moved away from the past. Thoughts about lost opportunities and past perspectives end up re-emerging as the protagonist's self-reflection in the present awakens what was originally left behind. In other words, the work introduces an ambiguity; based both on actively remembering and utilizing what ordinarily remains in the unconscious.

The work is told through a voice-over and alternates between several layers of imagery – from documentary to stylized symbols. Seers' work is fully on par with the best of film essays – Chris Marker's Sans Soleil, for example, or Jean-Luc Godard's Histoire(s) du cinema – and it's exquisitely directed images in relation to the space the work is presented in.